Pink Pony Express is a design collective, based in Amsterdam. Our projects are based on locations where there is friction - usually between the government and local citizens. Following a period of long-term research that includes living and working on these locations, we make images that help redefine the situation, and create a shift in the current perspective. Our work is realized in public space. Email us at: Pink Pony Express is: Annemarie van den Berg 06-42272986 Cecilia Hendrikx 06-42129946 Tara Karpinski 06-14264141 Postal address: Stichting Pink Pony Express Vijverhofstraat 54 3032 SN Rotterdam The Netherlands Office: Pink Pony Express Westerdok 782 1013 BV Amsterdam The Netherlands Pink Pony Express is working on a new website. In the meantime, this is what other people say about our work:

p.s. Visit the old website here